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Maxtrek shows in Singapore Tirexpo Asia 2017

2017-08-09 1343browse

     The Tirexpo Asia 2017 was held at the Singapore International Expo Center. The exhibition attracted 160 professional tyres company from 43 different countries and regions ,minister of export department Henry Lin led the elite sales team to participate the exhibition.

     In recent years, the Tirexpo Asia in Southeast Asia plays a very important role in the industry benchmark. held in 2005 , the exhibition scale and influence has been rapidly expanded and accumulated years of valuable market resources and experience, As China joined in WTO, the international standards continue to improve and professional buyers looking for a reasonable price of Chinese tire products, in order to attract the world's tire buyers, our company made the plan in advance, carefully prepared. Our booth main design style is blue tune and prominent theme, fully demonstrated the ‘MAXTREK’ brand image, a number of overseas buyers show a strong interest in our product and consult negotiate on detail,our export sales show the performance of each product and pattern series highlights,inviting customers to visit our plant.

    This exhibition has achieved a desired goal. During the exhibition we receive over 100 customers, including several customers who have strong desires to cooperate with us. Through this exhibition, we broad the sales channels, improving the brand awareness and showing a good image of the enterprise.