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Development Goal

Light Truck / Taxi

Performance Specification

The more longer life of super abrasion in the main performance of the product development and the core outstanding performance at the same time, we were upgraded on product performance, especially high speed and excellent handling, it is not only longer mileage, but also the fun for control.

Main Performance Product Size


1.Super Bearing Capacity

The application of sidewall contour design, vertical double HMLS polyester cord matrix material, and also the main pattern block with fine groove form, ensuring the tyre stronger bearing capacity.

2、Longer Mileage

The use of special wear rubber formula, reducing wear and the rolling resistance , deepen groove design compared to the previous product mileage , increasing the mileage more than 30%.


3、Excellent Wet Grip
Three large and tortuous pattern grooves ensure excellent drainage performance, and the design of large pattern block increases driving guidance, braking and handling performance better.