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China Rubber Industry Association members visit Maxtrek

2017-08-05 3509browse

     March 17, China Rubber Industry Association Secretary-General  Xu Wenying led 49 members of the Association to visit Maxtrek, our general manager Mr. Lin and other members of the reception group accompanied by the whole reception.

     According to the plan of the visit process, the China Rubber Industry Association members and our reception team were arranged in front of the hall to take pictures together, and then the reception group held a seminar in the training room, Our general manager Mr.Lin made a speech at the meeting and welcome the association's leadership and the rest of  members to visit Maxtrek. The vice president of production Mr.Lin explained the situation of our company briefly, and led the members to visit the tire plant, introducing the advanced automated production equipment,the members listened to the description of the equipment while it running, they bursted of excitement, lamented the high degree of automation equipment.

    Before leaving, the association leaders and members have said, It is very grateful to our hospitality, and hope to strengthen the sharing of resources between each other in the future, strive to increase cooperation efforts, and work together to create a better future.

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