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Run Flat Tyre Structure


Run Flat Tyre Advantages

Run Flat Tyre Core Advantages

nternational Standard

In the case of air leakage, the tire can still travel safely about 80 kilometers per hour at the speed of 80 km/h.

Technical Upgrading

Through the application of the most comprehensive formula and the analysis of fine tire structure, our company's technology of gas preservation has been technically improved.

Maxtrek Run Flat Tyre

At present, the Maxtrek Run Flat Tyre can safe travel more than 200 kilometers,at zero pressure to 80 km/h.

Maxtrek Semi-thermal Tyre Technology

Semi-thermal Tyre apply the formula and special structural design, special formula to ensure the tyre tread temperature reaches a certain level when the tread is dissolved or gel state (commonly known as "unglued"), which can greatly improve the control performance,reduce the braking distance, and improve the cornering speed.special structure design foundation of high speed performance of tyre, meet the best effect, the largest wetland drainage ground contact area and make drivers more quickly obtain road information, ensuring the control more sophisticated.

With high abrasion coefficient of special formula and the application of advanced Maxtrek Semi-thermal Tyre Technology, The tyre tread in the semi-thermal melt reaches a certain temperature under the basic premise of performance is melting and gel for the maximum increase wear resistance, long service life; the structure should be simulated by the finite element analysis of the unique technology and computer to ensure the best carcass profile and strongest carcass that meet or exceed the standard requirements, but also meet the drainage effect of wide grooves, the best shoulder block increase the actual area of the tread and road contact reducing the three-dimensional oriented pattern before tread deformation, the middle pattern can improve the tracking line when driving is improved by road and the ups and downs of the vehicle deviation phenomenon and so on, let us look forward to a new high-end racing enthusiasts which is developed by Maxtrek.

The tyre label act let consumers know the tyre most basic performance of tyre rolling resistance, grip performance and noise, providing reliable reference and useful information before buying tyres, then push the tyre enterprises in energy saving and environmental protection of their products with excellent performance, to achieve customer satisfaction and the goal of environmental protection with more forward step.
      tyre reinforcement formula in abrasion resistance, wet skid resistance and rolling resistance are in the presence of a "devil triangle" of normal carbon black filled, under normal circumstances, any one of the three performance adjustment will lead to changes in the other two properties so how to balance the relationship between "devil's triangle", and achieve the best balance performance is more and more important.
       With the global energy supply shortage and environmental deterioration, energy saving and emission reduction of the car has been imminent, the common tyre is mainly filled with carbon black filler, are in the "devil's triangle", more and more difficult to meet consumer demand for tyre environmental protection, safety and comfort, especially when the EU tyre labeling requirements proposed later, the tyre enterprises made a big efforts to face it.
       Maxtrek tyre has made a positive response to market demand, and launched the development direction of "green high-performance tyres". Using modified modified SBR and highly dispersed white carbon black as filling and reinforcing, and finally reaching low rolling resistance, excellent grip and high wear resistance of the tyre.
       Maxtrek has successfully developed the ‘energy-saving’tyres and it has been put into use in the Zotye E01 new energy vehicles.The‘energy-saving’tyres excellent in low rolling resistance, slippery resistance and traction performance, and the micro-roughness formed by the filling of white carbon can be achieved by the following advantages: good resistance to groove tracking, good resilience and permanent deformation, moderate hardness, etc.
      The National Rubber tyre Quality Supervision and Inspection Center’ authority detect that the tyre rolling resistance,the result show that ordinary tread rubber at 25 ℃ 2m drum rolling resistance coefficient / (N / KN) 10.51, and the new energy-saving tread At 25 ℃ 2m drum rolling resistance coefficient / (N / KN) is only 8.72. The relevant person in charge of our company said it will continue to practice in the new energy-saving and environmental protection research , continuing to green production and technology research and development,and actively assuming the development of the transport industry to promote environmental responsibility.