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Mr. Long Yongtu and his entourage come to visit our company

2017-08-05 2591browse
    On the afternoon of Oct. 11, former vice minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation, co-chair of the Global CEO Development Conference, Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, Chairman of China and Globalization Knowledge Base (CCG) Long Yongtu, accompanied by City Hall - Chen Xuanqun and other leaders, visit our company.

    Vice president of production Mr.Lin and other staff warmly welcome the guests, Mr.Lin made a detailed report with the current development of the company's business situation and future development plans to Mr. Long Yongtu. Chen said that the government will continue to give policy support, and encourage scientific and technological innovation, and promote the common development of the park and the company, Mr. Long Yongtu expressed a high degree of recognition of our achievements.

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