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Development Goal

Very Cold Weather Tyre

Performance Specification

Apply the low temperature resistance formula and single oriented pattern to ensure winter tyre with super ice grip and control performance, by optimizing the sidewall and the belt structure design to enhance the tyre load and speed performance, provide you to drive the whole winter is no longer boring, but enjoy the fun of driving.

Main Performance Product Size


1、Excellent Snow and Ice Grip

Using symmetrical herringbone pattern design, and the coarse block by widening of the transverse groove,fine steel sheet and shoulder block optimization steel nail arrangement, performed and equipped with studded pattern series to ensure the tire running on the ice and snow road providing more safety guarantee.

2、Precise Handling Performance
The arrow shaped central strip carcass structure pattern design and stable lifting guide to ensure maximum contact area of tire and road surface, the optimization of the pattern effectively, can provide excellent control performance.


3、Excellent Low Temperature
Apply a unique low temperature formula to ensure that the tire at -30℃ in the environment, still maintain a relatively low hardness of the rubber, and have a strong low temperature performance.