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Development Goal

Four Seasons Available

Performance Specification

Apply a special formula and adjust the tyre tread carcass structure,so that the tyre not only meet the winter snow pavement braking control performance, but also very excellent dryand wet performance,especially the wet and dry braking performance and mute comfort.

Main Performance Product Size


1、Excellent Winter Performance

Develop specially four season tyre formula and tread pattern to ensure excellent snow performance of tyre.

A.Enhance the stability of rubber and silica minute structure by using special rubber , ensures the overall flexibility, and that the tire also has excellent grip performance under the condition of low temperature.

B.Through the design of tread functional pattern regional, the central part of the tread effectively reduces the hardness of the entire tread, combined with the large part of the tread on both sides of the shoulder to ensure that the maximum contact area with the road surface.

2、Super Dry and Wet Grip
Mainly through tread formula and pattern block optimization design, to achieve super dry grip and wet grip performance

A.Use high fill white carbon technology to enhance the braking performance.

B.Use the "man" tread pattern design, satisfying the tire drainage performance in wetland greatly.


3、Excellent Mute Comfortable

Mainly through the pattern and carcass structure design, to ensure the best mute and comfortable performance

A.Apply noise simulation technology to optimize pattern arrangement and also adjust the pattern angle design to enhance mute performance.

B.According to the stress analysis of the tyre parts in the process of driving, the optimum carcass structure is found to ensure the comfortable performance.