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Development Goal

Semi-slicks tyre

Performance Specification

Adopt special tire formula, contoured design and directional pattern design, to provide the vehicle with good high-speed performance and handling performance and excellent grip performance, to prevent the vehicle from cornering due to insufficient grip when cornering.

Main Performance Product Size

 1、Grip performance

The tread uses a special formula, which can melt the tire rubber when the temperature of the tire tread rises, resulting in high viscosity, which improves the grip characteristics, so that the tire can be tightly attached to the ground at high speeds. The vehicle provides good grip performance to prevent the vehicle from rolling over when cornering too fast.

2、Stable Handling Performance

The tire outline adopts a wide and square design, with a large tread running surface and a large ground contact area. The side opening of the tire is affixed with a reinforcing layer material to increase the strength of the tire opening, so that the tire has excellent handling and stability when steering at high speeds through the bay performance.


3、High Speed Performance

It mainly adopts large blocks and symmetric pattern design to increase driving guidance and provide excellent
linear acceleration performance.