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Development Goal

All-Terrain Tyre

Performance Specification

The crown and the matrix structure design with the strongest and high strength material, meet the bearing capacity ,it is suitable for the rugged gravel road, washboard road, muddyroad and no road area of infestation.

Main Performance Product Size


1、Super Bearing Capacity

As for the structure of tyre, crowning with double wide wire belt and belt joint surface technique with a layer of nylon cord clamp, double carcass HMLS polyester cord to prevent tire deformation and high temperature resistant,ensuring the tire has a better bearing capacity.


2、Excellent Off-Road

The cross ditch between the block design provided with reinforcing ribs and thick reinforced tyre steering rigid block driving, to ensure that in the loose of the rugged gravel road, washboard road, muddy road and no road area of infestation.




3、Longer Mileage 

Use special wear rubber formula, reducing the rolling resistance of tire and improve wet grip; deepen groove design compared to the previous product mileage increase more than 30% .