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Maxtrek shows on the 14th China International Tire Expo

2017-08-05 1470browse
    September 26, 2016, the 14th China International Tyre Expo was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, the exhibition by general manager Mr.Lin led sales, technology research and development and sales logistics and other departments’s elites to participate in the exhibition.
    In order to achieve the exhibition objectives, Maxtrek tyres in advance of the careful planning and all-round preparation. Whether it is the entrance of the prominent huge billborad, exhibitions in many aspects of three-dimensional billboards, or booth on the opening L-type booth design, blue and yellow double color brand design, gives customers a strong visual impact, display our good brand image. Booth design also highlights the ANTARES’s bright and lively yellow and MAXTREK ’s calm and generous of the blue, the market planners according to the booth space characteristics, with the opening L-type booth design, the overall brand bright colors, enhance each other's beauty, well-proportioned of the booth, distinguished and unique.
    In this domestic large-scale tyre comprehensive exhibition, Lin led the sales team and customers to discuss the sales cooperation, and from a technical point of view to overseas customers to introduce the performance characteristics of each product and Jun Hong's technological innovation characteristics. Exporters from Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Ecuador and other countries have visited our booth, the customers on the company's products and patterns showed a strong interest in the exhibition after the show we conducted a depth discussion , elaborated on what they were asking for, and made valuable suggestion on the products and services of the new tyres.
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